NAD+ is found in every cell in your body and aids in rejuvenating the age and health of a person. It works by improving the cellular processes at the mitochondrial level within the cell. NAD+ is administered through an iV infusion or an iM shot.

Energy Production:

NAD is an essential molecule for cellular metabolism and plays a critical role in converting food into energy. Supplementation with NAD can enhance cellular energy production, leading to increased vitality and endurance.

Anti-Aging Effects:

NAD has been linked to cellular repair and DNA maintenance. By replenishing NAD levels, it can promote healthy aging and delay the onset of age-related conditions.

Neuroprotective Properties:

NAD is involved in various neuronal processes, including DNA repair, mitochondrial function, and gene expression. NAD supplementation has shown potential in protecting against neurodegenerative diseases, reducing oxidative stress, and promoting brain health.

Addiction Recovery:

NAD has been used as a potential therapy for individuals struggling with addiction. It can aid the recovery process by repairing the neural pathways damaged by substance abuse, reducing cravings, and supporting mental and physical well-being during withdrawal.

Mood Enhancement:

NAD is involved in the production of neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and dopamine, which play key roles in regulating mood and emotions. By boosting NAD levels, treatment may improve mood, reduce symptoms of depression, and support mental health.

Enhanced Cognitive Function:

NAD plays a crucial role in maintaining brain health, facilitating communication between neurons, and supporting memory and cognitive function. NAD treatments can improve cognitive performance and protect against age-related cognitive decline.

Mental Support: Regulate Mood / Stress

Unlock the potential of NAD in the pursuit of a brighter mental landscape. Our NAD-focused approach offers a potential avenue for alleviating depression. Empower yourself with a holistic strategy for mental well-being. Embrace the possibility of managing depression with NAD – a step toward a more balanced and hopeful outlook on life.

Cognitive Clarity: Brain Health

NAD+ supports cognitive clarity, focus, and memory. By maintaining neuronal health and combating oxidative stress, NAD+ contributes to a resilient and agile mind.






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NAD+  is found in every cell in your body and aids in rejuvenating the age and health of a person.